Database Planning, Design and Management

Sovek Consulting offers full range of services for end-to-end database solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

The services cover all steps required to plan, design, deploy, maintain and support solutions for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases. We can start working on any stage of database solutions implementation based on your requirements no matter how small or big your projects. Service offering include the following:

  • Logical database design - design database schemas including tables, indexes, constraints and other database objects.
    Database schemas should be designed to meet application needs, future expansion and growth, optimal performance requirements.

  • Physical database design -plan, document and  create efficient, flexible physical layout for OLTP, DW database. Filesystems, folders layout must be standard across environments, servers and flexible enough to allow installations of different database versions without conflicts.

  • Database Implementation - install, configure, test and document database solutions.

  • Data-loading and/or data migration - load databases with data from different sources, ETL/ELT processes, data consolidation, migration from other vendors databases.

  • Backup and recovery strategy - design, implement, test and document backup/recoverty strategy to meet business expectations.

  • Monitoring strategy  - plan, design and implement monitoring strategy for pro-active alerting, notification of  potential issues.